All India Scholarship Test

About Test:

Gurukul Academy, a renowned institution specializing in preparing aspiring students for admission into Sainik Schools, Military Schools, and the Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC), is organizing a scholarship test. The purpose of this test is to motivate students to pursue a career in the Indian Armed Forces.
The scholarship test aims to identify and reward talented individuals. There are attractive prizes for the top performers in this test. The objective of these scholarships is to inspire and support students who are passionate about joining the Sainik School, Rashtriya Military School and RIMC. Gurukul Academy believes in recognizing and nurturing talent, and this scholarship test serves as a platform to encourage students to pursue their dreams in the military domain.

Aim of This Test:

Top 50 Students will be eligible get Scholarship up to 100% on their performance in this test, there will be Above 90% minimum score, necessary to get 100% fees relaxation in Gurukul Academy.

First-Rank student:

The first-ranked student in the competition organized by Gurukul Academy will receive a cash prize of ₹5,100, an appreciation certificate, and a scholarship opportunity of up to 100%. These rewards aim to recognize and motivate students for their outstanding achievements and dedication to excellence.

Second-Rank student:

The second-ranked student in the competition organized by Gurukul Academy will be awarded a cash prize of ₹3,100. In addition to the cash prize, they will also have the opportunity to receive a scholarship from Gurukul Academy, providing them with further support in their academic journey.

Third-Rank student:

The third-ranked student in the competition organized by Gurukul Academy will receive a cash prize of ₹2,100. This prize acknowledges their remarkable performance and commitment in the competition. Furthermore, they may also have the opportunity to be considered for a scholarship, fostering their educational endeavors.

How to Register:

To apply, click on the registration button and provide accurate details. We are not responsible for any discrepancies or disqualifications that may occur after the test.

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The syllabus for this scholarship test will be based on your current academic level and the subjects you are currently studying and already passed.

Registration Fee:

Registrion is Nil for Boys and Girls both, it is completely Free Cost application form
Exam Mode:

Exam Mode will be : Online

Exam Date & Time:

18 June 2023(SUNDAY), 09:00 AM IST